Additional Educational Projects

Higher Education Facilities

University of Miami School
of Business School of
Law Addition FoodCourt
Ring Theater
Hecht Athletic Center

Florida International University
School of Education
Conference Center
Business Building
Sponsored Research Building
Housing III
Baseball Stadium Parking Garage

Florida Atlantic University
Student Center Addition
Lifelong Learning Center
Health Service Facility

Miami Dade Community College
Wolfson Campus
Homestead Campus
Courtyard Addition
Aviation Training Center

Florida Memorial College
Dining Hall / Cafeteria

Primary Education Facilities

Miami-Dade County
State School “A”
High School “CCC”
High School “DDD”
State School “BBB”
High School “EEE”
Coral Gables Senior High School Addition
C.O.P.E. Center North & South
Maritime & Science Technology (MaST) Academy
Robert Morgan High School
Booker T. Washington
Kinlock Park Middle School
G.W. Carver Middle School
Shenandoah Middle School
Ponce de Leon Elementary School
Ponce de Leon Middle School Historic Renovation
High School “CCC-1”
Ojus Elementary School
North Beach Elementary School
K-8 Prototypes – 6 Schools
Miami Central Senior High School

Broward County
High School “GGG”
High School “JJJ”
Pompano Beach High School
Floronada Elementary School
Prototype Elementary School “I-91”
Watkins Elementary School
Acreage Elementary School
Tamarac Elementary School
N Lauderdale Charter High School
Village Academy Elementary School
Village Academy Middle School
Miramar High School
High School “HHH”
Western High School Addition
Coral Springs Addition
Hollywood Hills High School Addition
Meadowbrook High School Addition
Parkland Elementary School
Glades Middle School

Palm Beach County
Elementary School “03-Y”
Elementary School “03-Z”
Elementary School “03-X”
West Lake Worth Middle School
Village Academy Middle / High School
Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary
West Boca Elementary
Congress Middle School
Boca Raton Middle School
Palmetto Elementary School
Elementary School “R”
Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School
Green Acres Elementary School
Wellington Elementary School
SD Spady Elementary School
JC Mitchell Elementary School
Village Academy Elementary School