How to Hire the Right Project Manager

Behind every successful project, there is a team of skilled and qualified professionals that went the extra mile. Foremost among them is the project manager who handled all of the details that brought everything together. At DDA Engineers, we’ve worked with some outstanding project managers and are sharing some tips for hiring the best ones.

What Does a Project Manager Do?

A better question would be, what does a project manager NOT do? This person oversees the project and manages everything down to the smallest details. The following are some of the main areas they will be responsible for.

  • Overall Planning: In addition to creating a plan, a project manager will build a very complex schedule and communicate with all the suppliers and specialists, such as plumbers and electricians. Moreover, they will establish benchmarks to ensure that the project is moving forward at the right pace. 
  • Budget: The project manager ensures that the project stays on budget by making necessary decisions. For example, if there are two materials at drastically different price points, they will present the options to the project owner and adjust the budget accordingly.
  • Reporting: They will inform the client if there are changes in the budget, timeline, or other progress. In order to do so, the entire project must be carefully tracked and monitored, which requires capability as well as experience.
  • Time Management: Project managers ensure that the entire construction project is completed within the scheduled timeline. Using proper time management skills, they guide each step of the project and ensure all workers are at peak efficiency..
  • Compliance: With their intimate knowledge of various laws, regulations, and building codes, a project will help ensure that your project is compliant from beginning to end.
  • Risk Management: Construction sites can be dangerous places. A project manager must identify potential risks and reduce or eliminate them, so that the project is accomplished without worker injury.

How to Find the Right Project Manager

Project managers should not only be familiar with construction zones, but also have a strong background in business and management, along with excellent communication skills. If managers you’ve worked with in the past are not available for an upcoming project, reach out to colleagues for recommendations or check out some reputable agencies. With the latter, pay close attention to Google reviews and other testimonials. 

At DDA Engineers, P.A., it has been our privilege to work with many skilled project managers on key privately owned and public improvement projects. If you need structural engineering services for your next undertaking or a threshold inspect for an existing structure, we would be pleased to provide a no-obligation estimate for our services. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact our Miami office today.

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