Wood or Steel for Your Commercial Building?

For decades now, steel has been the material of choice for construction project owners and developers. This is mainly true for commercial buildings, as property owners and investors typically want the real estate to appreciate over time. There are also more obvious benefits of steel over wood, including protection against water damage (rotting and warping) and fire. The fire risks for wood can obviously be mitigated Read More

40-Year Building Inspections in Broward County

Most commercial structures in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties must undergo a comprehensive inspection 40 years after its completion and every 10 years thereafter. This inspection requirement began in Broward County in 2005, while Miami-Dade buildings have been subject to 40-year inspections since the 1970s. In addition to a structural inspection, qualifying buildings must undergo an electrical inspection by a Read More

Wet Vs. Dry Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

Weather and climate experts have forecasted Atlantic hurricane activity in 2021 to be above average. Even without devastating straight-line winds and spawned tornadoes, flooding is a very real possibility for structures across the Sunshine State. Due to the state’s unique vulnerability to storm surges and other flooding events, Florida and local building codes have robust floodproofing requirements for Read More

What is the ‘Bridging’ Method of Project Delivery?

As we have covered before, the design-bid-build (DBB) and design-build (DB) project delivery methods are two of the dominant methods for bringing a construction project to fruition. There are a number of nuances and tweaks that parties can implement in either method to account for unique goals and circumstances. One technique that’s effectively a hybrid of these two methods is bridging.  There are a number of Read More

What the Memphis Bridge Crack Shows Us About Structural Engineering

The Hernando de Soto Bridge spanning the width of the Mississippi River near Memphis has flipped the script on Simon & Garfunkel’s legendary song and album, Bridge over Troubled Water. A recent inspection of the bridge revealed a significant fracture on the underside of a beam. A more appropriate song for this bridge would be Troubled Bridge over Water.  An inspector with the Arkansas Department of Transportation Read More

3 Reasons the Construction Manager-at-Risk Project Delivery Method Could Be Useful

After decades of dominance by the design-build and design-bid-build project delivery methods for construction projects, many alternative delivery methods are starting to curry favor with construction professionals. When getting the project done for the lowest possible price isn’t the most prominent concern for project owners, there are several delivery methods that should be considered. One we’ll take a look at today Read More

Top Software for Structural Engineers and Other Construction Professionals

Though there are seemingly endless options for software that design and construction professionals can use when collaborating on a project, some software stands above the rest. As we have provided structural engineering services for more than 50 years on a wide variety of projects, we have experience with just about any software out there. We have compiled a collection of some particularly useful and effective Read More

Changes to Florida Building Code Effective Jan. 1, 2021

Amid the chaotic and tumultuous year we’ve just had, it’s understandable for the mandatory three-year update to the Florida Building Code (FBC) to slip the minds of construction professionals across the state. Throughout 202 (and well before that), countless meetings were held to optimize the FBC in order to lay out standards. The ultimate goal, of course, is to secure the health and general wellbeing of building Read More

DDA Engineers SBE Certified with Miami-Dade County

DDA Engineers is now Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certified with Miami-Dade county by the Small Business Development (SBD) Division. This certification provides our firm with additional contracting opportunities as we can now assist your team in meeting project specific SBE goals. Read More

DDA Engineer’s 2019 Nominations & Awards

Engineering News-Record (ENR) Southeast's 2019 Best Project Category: Best Airport/Transit Royal Caribbean - Port Terminal A Click here to read more. Owner: Royal CaribbeanContractor: SuffolkLead Design Firm: Broadway Malyan in Association with Bermello, Ajamil & Partners Inc.Structural Engineer: DDA Engineers P.A.MEP Engineer: HNGS Built to facilitate the smooth arrival and Read More