Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Project Delivery Method

Determining the right project delivery method should be the first priority in your next big job. Often, the delivery method can make or break a project – so choosing the right one is essential. By carefully evaluating the circumstances of the project, you can be sure that you’ve set up for success.

  1. Costs

Costs are always front and center for any project owner, but shouldn’t be the sole determinator of your project delivery method. Your budget will determine many different aspects of your project – for example, a tight budget may mean including a bid process, which can save cost but will likely add on time. As with any project delivery method, however, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider, and it’s important to keep this in mind when weighing your options.

  1. Time

Timing, naturally, often comes at a greater cost. Any project can be completed quickly, but the costs to do so are likely going to be prohibitive. Creating an accurate estimate of your time allowance for the project and including some wiggle room for the issues that inevitably arise in a project is essential to gaining a realistic understanding of your timeframe. Referencing early drafts of designs can also assist in estimating a realistic schedule for the project, but waiting for the design phase to complete before beginning the building process could run costs higher than anticipated, and lead to more changes down the line.

  1. Risk

Risk can come in a variety of forms throughout a construction project. Project delivery methods are commonly concerned with financial risks such as unforeseen costs or contractual risks such as running over the projected completion date, but it’s also important to consider the risk shared by each party involved. Understanding the flow of accountability in each delivery method will influence which is the right one for your project. In some, such as the Construction Manager at Risk or CMAR delivery method, some of this risk is allocated to the construction manager, who is responsible for ensuring the delivery of the project at the projected cost. This structure can be beneficial for project owners who need the help of an experienced manager or are not able to be heavily involved with the process.

While these aren’t the only considerations you should keep in mind when deciding on your project delivery method, they’re certainly the most pertinent. If you’re getting started on a project and need a qualified team of structural engineers to help guide you through the process, contact DDA Engineers today at (305) 666-0711.

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