Top Software for Structural Engineers and Other Construction Professionals

Though there are seemingly endless options for software that design and construction professionals can use when collaborating on a project, some software stands above the rest. As we have provided structural engineering services for more than 50 years on a wide variety of projects, we have experience with just about any software out there. We have compiled a collection of some particularly useful and effective software, which we are glad to share with you below. 

  1. ETABS. This integrated software is often regarded as the gold standard for complex analysis and design of high-rise structures, although buildings of all sizes can be scrutinized with the latest editions of the software. ETABS features countless tools and features for structural engineers; the team at DDA Engineers uses some form of ETABS for many projects we have worked on. Users of ETABS can use both linear and nonlinear analyses to model future conditions of proposed structures made up of a wide variety of building materials. 
  1. STAAD.Pro. Many structural engineers and other design professionals consider STAAD.Pro to be the most comprehensive and complete structural design and analysis software available. This software can analyze structures applied to more than 90 international codes. However, STAAD.Pro has been shown to be relatively easy to pick up. Structural engineers who need to perform analyses of columns and beams consisting of wood, steel, concrete, or aluminum. This option is also favored by many construction professionals who work in high-seismic locations. 
  1. SkyCiv. One of the main reasons SkyCiv is attractive for structural engineers and design professionals is due to its (sole) existence in the cloud. As a result, users don’t have to worry about obtaining licenses before using the software. Professionals may also work on projects with SkyCiv anywhere where there’s an internet connection. Analyses that can be performed on SkyCiv include ones accounting for truss systems, buckling, and response spectrum, among other variables. 
  1. RISA. This software allows users to analyze modeling and design structures by specific layers. As its full name (Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis) suggests, the software gives users quick results. RISA’s products — such as RISAFloor, RISAFoundation, RISAConnection, and RISA-3D — can be integrated with other products and provide comprehensive analyses in a variety of conditions. RISA software is used by clients in more than 70 countries and is suited for structures like skyscrapers, stadiums, airports, bridges, and even roller coasters. 

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