What Do Structural Engineers Bring to a Project?

From small structures to large projects that require seemingly endless planning, structural engineers are often brought in to figure out details such as the necessary materials, design of the framework, and other requirements dictated by the project. It’s our job to ensure that the structure will be built to last, and doing so requires plenty of experience in many different aspects of engineering. Structural engineers are needed in most commercial construction and can provide the necessary design, testing, and management for your project.

Designing New Structures

Brand new structures have to be designed from the very beginning to fulfill the requirements of their use. Structural engineers take into account all of the relevant details of the project when designing the foundation and framework of buildings, including things like wind pressure, soil types, and different types of material. Testing is performed, usually on digital models, to ensure that the design functions as expected. This analysis ensures that our structures exceed the necessary requirements, and remain structurally sound for years to come.

Testing and Assessment

Testing that our existing structures are functioning as expected is just as important. With inspections, testing, and assessments, we’re able to ensure that structures are safe and operating according to their design. A structural engineering team may even be able to spot issues before they become serious problems to a building’s integrity, saving you from an expensive repair process or potentially having to abandon the building. By providing inspections of projects, we’re able to make sure that buildings are up to code, helping to prevent delays or necessary modifications later in the structure’s lifetime. In the event that damage or flaws in construction are found, we can suggest possible solutions to the issue and provide support to prevent issues in the future.

Project Management

Structural engineers are able to ensure that a plan is followed and issues are avoided through quality project management. An engineer acting as a project manager should provide support to the team which helps keeps the project on track, and verify that the project standards and requirements are met. If your team is in need of an experienced structural engineering firm that can provide project management, inspection services, or peer reviews for your project, our team at DDA Engineers, P.A. is ready to help. Contact us for more information at (305) 666-0711.

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