What to Look for in a Structural Engineer

The foundation and framing of your project is the last place you want to cut corners. It’s important to hire a professional structural engineer you trust and rest easy knowing that the framework of your structure is being constructed properly. Finding the right engineer for your project can be a difficult process if you’re unfamiliar with what to look for, but finding a great engineer is invaluable to making your project operate much smoother. 

  • Experience in design

Design can be one of the most lengthy parts of the structural engineering process. Engineers with a wealth of experience in design can save you not only time, but cost as well by designing with cost-effective materials in mind. Experienced firms may also utilize Building Information Modelling (BIM), a system that can simulate materials and construction digitally to better predict things like cost, performance data, and possible unforeseen issues with the construction, saving you headaches down the road. BIM can also save a significant amount of time as it allows for faster design and collaboration between engineers.

  • Proper planning

Planning is absolutely critical to a successful construction project. The engineers you work with should have an in-depth system for planning and organizing the project. Good planning keeps everything on track with your expected budget and timeframe. Preventing delays before they happen with a rock-solid plan ensures your project fulfills every specification and avoids unnecessary delays. Alongside planning, the structural engineer team should assist in submitting necessary documentation for inspection and legal processes to avoid permit or scheduling issues.

  • Material knowledge

Engineers with a strong knowledge of material strengths and uses can not only save your budget but also elevate the design of your project. Picking the correct material can be a difficult process. The structural engineer has to take into consideration many different factors of the material, such as material strength, thermal conductivity, or aesthetic properties. Depending on the purpose of the structure, some considerations may need to be elevated over others. Correctly balancing these priorities is essential to fulfill your project requirements and avoid failures.

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DDA Engineers, P.A. has over fifty years of experience in project management. With our wealth of knowledge in planning, materials, and design, we offer services that will make your project a breeze. If you’re interested in simplifying the engineering process, call us at (305) 666-0711 to discuss what we can do for you.

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